Robyn’s baby shower

Robyn’s baby shower

We spent a wonderful day yesterday, celebrating Robyn’s baby shower at Elaine’s beautiful home.  I must say, Robyn’s pregnancy seems to have flown by .. and not long from now ‘Little Bean’  will present herself to the world 🙂  The morning overflowed into the afternoon and ended with a few of the girls in the pool and tea on the lawn .. fabulous

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Mark’s granny, Ouma, 90+ years old Great Grandmother of two so far!   Tomorrow will be three (Mark’s brother and wife are giving birth to their daughter tomorrow !!) and soon to be four, with Robz’s little baba 🙂

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Mom-to-be with her mom Sandy .. first time Granny-to-be !  whoo hoo joining the ranks of grandparenthood !!

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Only part of the fabulous brunch by Donna, Sandy, Louisa and Elaine

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I made my usual choccie cake, with vanilla icing .. theme being baby animals ( I cheat .. they’re plastic 😉 )

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Ooops silly me .. I forgot to take out the toothpicks which were keeping giraffe stable during the ride from my house to Elaine’s as he had a tendency to lean on baby Ellie for support

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Little Keelin having a little me-time 🙂  She was so sweet playing with Lily.  At one time she pulled Lily’s bed, with Lily on it, under the trestle table outside and there they sat together 🙂   Best place to be as it was shady and cool under there

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This little cutie was quite happy being passed around …

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Gran-to-be Sandy’s speech was very emotional

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We all gathered to watch a short video of Mark and Robyn’s journey to parenthood and a message from Mark’s sister Debbie, in Dubai

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Gifts galore ..

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Guess how large the tummy is ?? !!  .. with a piece of string …

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Downing a bottle of Purity ..

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.. and the winner is …

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Cooling off in the pool …

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Our beautiful preggie Robz …

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Even Lily joined the girls ..

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Perfect way to end an awesome day .. tea on the lawn with croissants (from Patisserie de Paris 😉 )  ..

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I can’t wait to meet ‘Little Bean’ .. your precious bundle of sweetness and cuddlesome joy – Love you lots Robyn xxx

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  1. I absolutely LOVE all these photos Ma2! Thank you so much for playing photographer and for spoiling me and Little Bean and for all your help! I had an amazing day!!! Love you lots and lots too😘😘😘

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