I cannot do sit-ups or roll-ups !

I cannot do sit-ups or roll-ups !

Well … I’ve learned something new today … all about L4’s, 5’s, S1’s and sit-ups !!

I don’t usually write about me, except in those dark days in 2010 when I needed psychological help when my world turned upside down, and writing my problems down in my blog was one of the things that helped me understand what I was going through.

Now it’s physical …. although I am very fit (for my age (!)) according to my full medical report .. a medical which I had recently and, according to my doctor, needs to be done on a yearly basis … at my age !!    For many months I have been bothered by pain in the pelvic region.  In fact it’s been more than year!!  Initially I went for physio on a regular basis for massages, laser and dry needling on the piriformis muscle which caused sciatica.  It all worked and I was doing fine with my usual gym sessions ie yoga, pilates, nova and an aerobic class, all on a weekly basis, plus walking/jogging at the parkrun (Delta Park) on Saturdays.  This pesky piriformis / sciatica reared it’s head again.

Long story short .. I’ve been to a chiropractor and biokineticist.  Pesky piriformis is no longer the main problem.  The pelvic girdle muscles go into a spasm … practically on a daily basis.  They all feel hunky dory after my daily exercise sessions but by the end of the day they go into spasm.  Every day is the same .. no matter what I do.  I’ve tried not doing any exercise and it’s the same, or worse.  I’ve had visions of me exercising until I’m in my 90’s .. which isn’t a bad thing at all, but not for these reasons.

Soooo … that’s where I am today, having had the medical and being sent for xrays for the pelvic region.   My doctor phoned me with the results, explaining as best he could, over the phone, about L3 and L4, L4 and L5,  S1 that’s shifted slightly and signs of arthritis and degeneration …. a natural ageing process!!  .. and said I need to go to a neuro surgeon! Yikes!!  I am not having any op!!   And I told him that.  Anaesthetic freaks me out!!  He said in most cases like this, cortisone or whatever is injected into the offending region.   Am still not keen and decided a visit to the physio was best.    Unfortunately she agreed with my doctor 🙁

The ‘shifted slightly’  S1 concerned me.  It’s nothing I’ve done.  Apparently I was born with it!!!  I never knew that!!  She said she has exactly the same condition.   With xrays in hand, she explained.  Instead of this S1 sitting in it’s correct position in line with the top of the sacrum, there is a small gap in between.   It’s therefore ‘floating’ as she called it, but not bad enough to be operated on.   Cortisone, or equivalent (cannot remember what she said) helps with the inflammation for an extended period during which time I need to do specific exercises to strengthen the ligaments and muscles thus holding it in place.

You would think all the exercises I do would just do that very thing, but apparently not while it’s inflamed … constantly as in my case.   And one exercise I mustn’t do is a sit-up or roll-up!  I told her that that is one simple exercise I cannot do and have never been able to do, with all the yoga and pilates I’ve done over the years.   She can’t do it either.  It’s the way we’re built !!  I also learned today that I have been doing the wrong exercise in swimming breast stroke, which I do most days.   For the moment anyway, as it’s putting strain on the surrounding muscles, even though I told her that it eases the stiffness, for awhile anyway.

I now await a referral letter from my doctor for the next step.

And just because I cannot possibly write a post without a photo ..

…nature at it’s best …. symmetrical leaves on Japanese sago cycas palm ..

Copy of IMG_2273

… and Polystichum (indigenous shield fern)

Copy of IMG_2279

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  1. I’m sorry to read this. Oh noooo sounds awful! But I hope it is not as horrible as it sounds. And I hope there are still some exercises you can do? I had a knee injury a few years ago that had to operated on and assumed swimming (touted as low impact) was perfect for Rehabilitation but low and behold i was told to forget the idea and rather do low resistance cycling (who knew)

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