Connor’s birthday party at City ROCK

Connor’s birthday party at City ROCK

Connor’s 9th birthday … and cannot get it into my head that these kiddies are growing up way too fast!!  … was last week with his party on Sunday at City ROCK in Johannesburg.  What an awesome place !!  Walking through the doors, with birthday cake in hand, both hubby and I couldn’t believe what we saw!!  Different coloured climbing walls everywhere!! It used to be an action cricket venue where hubby, in the ‘old’ days played on a few occasions.  Now it is this amazing indoor venue for rock climbing.

See Jeanette’s post :-

Naturally I took my camera along too !!  Hubby and I arrived at the end of their warm-up exercises …

Copy of IMG_2594

The next step is the horizontal wall …

Copy of IMG_2716

Copy of IMG_2617

Copy of IMG_2619

The vertical wall followed ..

Copy of IMG_2637 Copy of IMG_2639

Copy of IMG_2643

Abseiling down was fun !!

Copy of IMG_2646

They hadn’t been climbing for long and were already saying their hands were sore !!  It’s tough on hands, arms, shoulders, legs …. an all round body workout!!!    I would love to try it!!!   Need to fix the lower back first, me thinks 😉

Copy of IMG_2633

Then they could climb any of the belay system walls with or without assistance depending on their confidence levels.  Must add here, the staff were amazing!  So encouraging, helpful and patient  !!

Copy of IMG_2712

This wall, above, was tricky for Connor, who is not the most light and nimble of children,  but with encouragement all the way, he got to the top ..  YAY for Connor !!!

Copy of IMG_2697 Copy of IMG_2704

That smile says it all 🙂

Copy of IMG_2710

Copy of IMG_2714

Copy of IMG_2733

Copy of IMG_2766

Both girls at the party do gymnastics.  They scrambled up the walls like monkeys !

Copy of IMG_2767

Copy of IMG_2772

Copy of IMG_2765

Copy of IMG_2773

I had a walk-about to see more ..


Copy of IMG_2722 Copy of IMG_2725

Copy of IMG_2666 Copy of IMG_2672

The dude above, is the same small figure practically hanging upside down  !!

Copy of IMG_2673

Copy of IMG_2676

Delicious cappuccino’s are served here …

Copy of IMG_2729

As for the birthday cake .. Connor asked for Lego men climbing up a cake!!  That’s we he got … 9 men in total 😉

Copy of IMG_2571

Man in charge of campfire in cave ..

Copy of IMG_2573

Copy of IMG_2575

Copy of IMG_2579 Copy of IMG_2583

Copy of IMG_2586

Ooops only realised too late that ‘Connor’ has a moustache !!

Copy of IMG_2590

Copy of IMG_2738

This was the cake I made for his actual birthday on the 16th ..

Collages - 2

Happy Birthday big boy !!!!  It was an AWESOME one !!!   love you lots xxx

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