Walking with Lily in Delta Park

Walking with Lily in Delta Park

Those who have read about my pelvic region saga in my post ‘I cannot do sit-ups or roll-ups’, my physio suggested not attempting any Delta parkruns for a while (I’ve been to three sessions of physio so far).   Delta Park is one the toughest of the parkruns because of the uphills and downhills.  One hill in a particular is known as ‘mini Polly Shortts’ named after a long, long gradual uphill in the Comrades Marathon.    ‘Mini Polly Shortts’ is a long gradual uphill with not the smoothest of terrain.  You have to avoid trees roots and in parts, loose stones and uneven ground caused by well used pathways and soil erosion.  Thank heavens, that’s the last of the uphills.  From then on it’s fairly flat at the top of the park and then there’s a downhill, under trees, before another flat to the finish line 🙂

Anyway …. because of the toughness of the parkrun, my physio said I shouldn’t go back .. yet.  Now .. hubby and I are taking a little holiday, leaving on Tuesday making our way down to the coast for a few days, then returning again via a stopover in the Midlands and the Drakensberg.  Hubby and I love to walk some of the trails in the Berg.  Problem.  After telling my physio about our holiday, she said I can walk a easier trail .. at a reasonable pace, without putting strain on the bum, hips and thighs.

Having got the thumbs up for the Berg, I then told her that I was helping Elaine (who couldn’t make it) and Bryan at yesterday’s parkrun by taking Lily, on lead, for the 5 kms.   I got the thumbs up for that too, as long as I take shorter strides and keep to a steady pace slowing down if necessary.

This was going to be interesting!!!!    Well, we did it .. Lily and I .. and in a good time, I thought, even though I wasn’t at all concerned about my clocked-in time, as long as I was counted at the end adding to my total parkruns, which now stands at 55 !!!

Bryan sprinted ahead with Hardy on lead.  Hardy is amazing.  He definitely has Whippet in him as he runs like the wind on those long lanky legs and tiny paws.  He never pants, even after a 10 km run and looks as fresh as a daisy !!   Hubby also sprinted ahead.  They waited ages for us to finish 🙂

                                               Lily and Hardy on Christmas Day

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Lily and I started off.  I was hoping for a gentle start conserving the hips and surrounding muscles, but it was a dash !!  She felt the excitement of the masses (1137 participants) and especially the dogs.  What dog doesn’t love a walk or jog in the park!   Dog owners are at last listening to the organisers and all, except for one or two I saw, were on lead.  Lily was so good.  Once she knew that I didn’t run like Elaine, she listened to my commands and a gentle pull of the lead to slow down.  She greeted every dog that passed us, or we passed.   She’s a puppy and even though has been to training she doesn’t walk or run to one side.  She goes from one to the other, smelling the ground and grass as she went, stopping dead in her tracks when something interesting scent wafted up her nose!!   I envisaged many a time, tripping over her and landing flat on my face!!!   We were always surrounded by people unfortunately.  In a few weeks the numbers will drop, as it does every year, when New Year resolutions begin to fade…. but for now it’s madness!

One section of the track runs parallel to a fence where normally there is space, but with the ‘masses’ there wasn’t much, especially for a puppy who is loving every moment trotting from side to side greeting every owner and his dog, children and adults alike who think she’s the cutest thing since sliced bread.  One silly man and his two muscular doggies decided to pass us up against the fence and his-two-muscular-doggies took a dislike to our cutest-thing-since-sliced-bread and attempted to nip her.  Lily is very dramatic!!  She lets out the loudest of squeals if she thinks she’s been treated badly.  For instance, if Hardy runs flat out around the house and garden, she can’t keep up, so squeals, and squeals, and squeals as she tries to catch up.  In that split second of the two-muscular-doggies ‘attacking’ her, she rolled on her back .. squealing as she naturally does.  (We learnt at Puppy School with Maxie that that is a submissive act on the part of the puppy and dogs respect it)  Owner of t-m-d’s pulled his dogs away immediately while Lily I checked on Lily.

She was fine.   Loving the attention of gentle petting and ‘ahhh shame poor puppy’.  I assured everyone she was 100% and we went on our way, me tripping up twice over two pieces of metal hidden in the short grass – obviously pieces of an old fence!!   No-one bothered about me !!   Once we both recovered into a steady walking rhythm again as this is now the beginning of all the uphills, Lily decided she needed a treat!!!   Shamies, she kept looking at my pocket and my hand.  Next time I shall remember !!

From then on it was smooth sailing .. she getting used to me .. and me getting used to her stop-starts and pulling towards muddy puddles for a quick splash and lick of water!   Towards the end .. the downhill under the trees, she decided she’d had enough and lay down in the long cool grass!  Fortunately two little girls with their one year old Beagle, Happy, came passed.  We had chatted at the start, so we were friends !!!  Lily was happy to continue 🙂

Happy and Lily trotted together while the two little girls and I chatted all the way to the finish.

And our time :  54:37 – I was surprised!  I thought it was closer to an hour.  I came 939th, 405th female, 14th in my age category.

And the pelvic region saga :  Even though I did all my stretches afterwards, all muscles went into spasm but after complete relaxation, anti inflammatory and a nap after lunch,  I felt so much better

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