Cows, horses and birds on the beach

Cows, horses and birds on the beach

Umngazi River Bungalows and Spa –

Sadly all holidays, be them long or short like this one, always have a last day, so a beach walk was an absolute must! Quite an eventful one!! Or should I say, it was ‘busier’ than previous days …. with a runaway horse and it’s handlers giving chase, dune surfing, a larger herd, more local children swimming and playing in the river, and a flock of birds !! And both hubby and I slipped on wet rocks and both landed on our bums!!

From our bungalow’s deck :   the usual herd that had slept on the beach overnight (for warmth) and then I spotted a family surfing the dunes before breakfast …




From the deck at Emlonyeni while having breakfast, the herd grew larger with more cattle coming down to the water in single file ..



Spot the horse in the background.  It turned out to be a runaway horse with a rope draped over it’s back


Handler/owner trotted towards the ‘runaway’, with two others running behind him.  As they closed in on ‘runaway’ he bolted and the chase began, galloping all over the beach!

IMG_3605 IMG_3606

Hubby and I carried on with our walk, all the while watching the antics of the horses …


Off they sped into the distance until they managed to capture ‘runaway’ at the end of the beach ..


Copy of IMG_3612

Copy of IMG_3616 Copy of IMG_3617 Copy of IMG_3618

As we got closer to the rocky point, ‘runaway’ now mounted by a runner and other horse and riders came galloping towards us ..

IMG_3620 IMG_3621

It looked like, to us, that ‘runaway’ likes the taste of leaves of a tree, a small branch of which was used as the enticing ‘carrot’ ..


IMG_3623 IMG_3625 IMG_3626

Resuming our walk, regaining our calm, we noticed the tide was lower than the previous day.  Should we attempt the sea crossing to the other side ?  !!


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