Misty Midlands of KwaZulu Natal

Misty Midlands of KwaZulu Natal

On our return from Umngazi in the Transkei, hubby and I stopped for a night in the Midlands. What a change in temperature from the hot and humid coast of the Transkei!! The Midlands was misty, rainy and rather chilly!!

As we couldn’t book into Rawdons Hotel in Nottingham Road before 2pm, we stopped for a welcoming hot cappuccino and scones with jam and cream at Piggly Wiggly


I love this ‘easy-to-move’  bench outside the leather goods shop ..


Piggly Wiggly is always a pleasant shopping experience too, with local produce and handcrafts, etc  for sale in the surrounding shops.  I cannot resist popping into Lavender and Co. to stock up on bath salts.    The fragrance that wafts out the door is soooo enticing!!

We then made our way to Caversham Mill for lunch overlooking the Lion’s River tumbling down a waterfall, a popular spot for light meals.  We’ve only been there for lunches, which are delicious 🙂

IMG_3848 IMG_3849 IMG_3850


Thick mist came rolling in later that afternoon.  View from our bedroom window at Rawdons …


…. and from the bathroom window.  I will feature Rawdons in a future post (those two windows are part of the suite we were given in compensation for the first room we were allocated.   Management moved us due to a leaking ceiling!!  These were the first heavy rains after months of drought


After a cosy breakfast the next morning watching the pitter patter of gentle rain we drove to Nottingham Road in search of a bookshop recommended by the reception at the hotel.  Hubby needed extra reading knowing the weather in the Berg wasn’t going to be any better than the Midlands, as was the forecast


We didn’t have too far to go to the Drakensberg where we spent two nights so we stopped at one of our favourite spots in the Midlands for cappuccinos at Blueberry Café.  Inside was warm and cosy with a central fireplace









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