The Junction at Nottingham Road

The Junction at Nottingham Road

The weather forecast for the Drakensberg, where hubby and I were off to for the last two nights of our holiday, was similar to what we experienced in the Midlands .. chilly and rainy.  Hubby needed another book and we were advised by the receptionist at Rawdons to either go to the bookshop at The Junction or a second-hand bookshop behind the garage near the Spa .. no idea what that little shopping area is called !   When she described the whereabouts of The Junction we were under the impression that it was a kiddies playground area as that’s what you see from the road.  We had no idea it was a quaint shopping experience.  Originally an old dairy farm dating back to 1962 and after converting the dairy shed to a coffee shop, it became Nottingham Road’s “nostalgic meeting and shopping place”.


The bookshop is the building with the ‘stoep’ and hanging baskets.  Not a huge selection of adult fiction but hubby managed to find one the authors he enjoys and a book he hadn’t read before ..


Several shops were closed with signs on the doors saying they were ‘closed on Tuesdays out of season’.  It was out of season but it was Wednesday!!  Maybe they hadn’t woken up yet !!



IMG_3937 IMG_3938

IMG_3940 IMG_3941

There is a pretty dam but I was getting wet taking these pics … a warm dry car with the thought of’ Blueberry Cafe’s coffee up the road was a better option than traipsing around in the rain


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