My grandson turned 13 today !!

My grandson turned 13 today !!

Where have the years gone!!!  I remember so clearly, the day he was born.  I waited outside the maternity section while Jeanette gave birth to her first born .. our first grandchild .. Bradley.   When I saw this gorgeous small bundle of baby boy, I told Jeanette there and then that I would look after him when she returned to work.  The plan was for him to go to a day mother, but after seeing this miniature person with the perfect tiny head, my heart melted.  No stranger will be looking after my grandson .. I will.

And I did.  And I’m still doing 🙂

A few weeks after I started caring for Bradley while mom worked full-time ..

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Bradley has appeared in many posts since I started in Oct 2008

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Catching raindrops ..


Happy THIRTEENTH Birthday my Bradley Bear .. who’s standing on tiptoes to make himself even taller than he is already and making me look even shorter !!


What a busy day I’ve had today !   Took hubby to hospital for an op before the crack of dawn .. several trips to and from the hospital … gym class … bake a cake for Bradley’s birthday in-between all this.  His favourite soccer/football team is Real Madrid.  It didn’t turn out as I had  imagined, but he was delighted


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