Flowers for Friday

Flowers for Friday

How sad.  I’ve nothing to blog about at the moment.  I could give an update on my ‘pesky piriformis’  resulting in stiffness and pain to my entire hip area and now I’m seeing another biokineticist who, with basic pilates muscle identification and strength, will ‘fix’ it !!!!!

Sooooo …. some flowers .. after a stroll around my autumn garden with camera in hand, while I set Connor the task of watering with a hand-held spray.  He missed parts and decided it wasn’t the best fun for a Friday afternoon 🙂

Iceberg ‘Brilliant’ …

Copy of IMG_4985 Copy of IMG_4987

Hibiscus … a pretty new one in a pot

Copy of IMG_5005 Copy of IMG_5008

Iceberg ‘Burgundy’ …

Copy of IMG_5009

Echeveria (rock rose) ..

Copy of IMG_5010

Copy of IMG_5039

Copy of IMG_5015

Hebe …

Copy of IMG_5016

Hypoestes (ribbon bush) …

Copy of IMG_5024

Copy of IMG_5054

Copy of IMG_5032

Copy of IMG_5036

Plumbago ..

Copy of IMG_5040

Bougainvillea ..

Copy of IMG_5042 Copy of IMG_5049

Seedlings to plant over the weekend …

Copy of IMG_5058

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