Flower Moon .. Milk Moon .. Bright Moon .. Planting Moon … … …

Flower Moon .. Milk Moon .. Bright Moon .. Planting Moon … … …

The other evening .. to be precise on the 23rd .. I spotted the moon before it sank below the tree and roof tops.  It wasn’t large, but it had a golden/pink colour.

Full moon had been two days before, on 21st

Copy of Copy of IMG_5066

Each full moon has a name depending on where you are in the world.  I like the name for May’s full moon – Flower Moon, meaning “flowers are abundant everywhere during this time” ..  according to the American Farmers Almanac

Colonial American  :  Milk Moon

Cherokee  :  Planting Moon

Choctaw  :  Panther Moon

Celtic  :  Bright Moon

Medieval England  :  Hare Moon

Neo-Pagan  :  Grass Moon

Wiccan  :  Hare Moon

Algonquian  :  Flower Moon

English  :  Milk Moon

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