Slinky Malinki comes to visit

Slinky Malinki comes to visit

This is ‘Slinky Malinki’ .. one of our neighbours’ gorgeous jet black cat with green eyes, who, for the past couple of months has been visiting our garden on a regular basis

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He hops through the gate and strolls around the garden .. always clockwise.

At first he was skittish, being aware that he was the intruder but now, a regular visitor, comes to me when I’m gardening or sitting on the bench with a cup of tea or glass of wine, for a little ‘meow’ chat, a rub around the ears and gentle strokes along his smooth back and tail.

He has a favourite snoozing spot under ferns in the front garden, or in the herb garden where he has discovered that birds come within easy reach to feed from both birdfeeders. I don’t mind having him around as I’m hoping he will keep the rats away. A problem we’ve been experiencing for months now. Sadly, I stopped feeding the birds months ago because of the rats. I hope I don’t have to stop feeding them again, because of Slinky!!   Birdies have to learn there’s a time and place for all creatures in my garden .. except rats!!

Yesterday, during my gardening break for-a-late-afternoon-tea ..

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… Slinky crept down a flowerbed’s edge nibbling alyssum flowers until he spotted a Cape Robin, always the first bird to peck for grubs and worms in the freshly loosened soil ..

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We have no idea what Slinky’s real name is but he is the splitting image of ‘Slinky Malinki’ in the Hairy Maclary series of kiddies books written by Lynley Dodd. Great books!! Always favourites for Bradley and Connor when they were young.

So in our garden, he is Slinky Malinki 🙂

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