More autumn pics from my garden .. my sanctuary

More autumn pics from my garden .. my sanctuary

We appear to be leading quite a dull life at the moment with no photographs of exciting places or events.     Hubby and I have been involved with personal stuff at home.  Me, with my focus on the hip/bum/piriformis issue .. .which is improving !!  YAY !!  at long last !!!  Thanks to my biokineticist with her patience and encouragement I am now able to pinpoint pesky muscles and with daily exercises and stretching I am now at the stage where I need increase the duration of each exercise, thus strengthening them and releasing the pinched nerves in the  lower back.  Easier said than done and with age not on my side, it’s taking longer.  I am determined to get my body back 🙂   Hubby has had issues with a the removal of a malignant melanoma, which fortunately has been caught in it’s early stage, but still needed extra surgery and a PET scan, the results of which we await until next week

Soooo .. a walk around my garden clears the mind .. breathing .. and enjoying my space .. my sanctuary

Pride of India …

Copy of IMG_5100

Shrimp bush ..

Copy of IMG_5139

Nandina ..

Copy of IMG_5142

Hebe ..

Copy of IMG_5147

Salvia ..

Copy of IMG_5149

Copy (2) of IMG_5190

Copy of IMG_5189

Copy of IMG_5196 Copy of IMG_5200

Geranium ..

Copy of IMG_5204 Copy of IMG_5206

Copy of IMG_5212 Copy of IMG_5218

Rocket flower ..

Copy of IMG_5219

Pelagonium  ..

Copy of IMG_5225


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