Jack Russell vs Beagle

Jack Russell vs Beagle

Hubby and I are ready for another puppy ūüôā¬† The question is, which breed.¬† Do we choose another Jack Russell like our adorable little Maxie, and¬†our little girlie, Jackie?¬† Or do we choose a Beagle like cuddlesome, gorgeous Lily.

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Their temperaments¬†are totally different.¬† ‘Jackie-Max’s’ are highly energetic, alert to the faintest of noises and strangers (‘specially at the gate) and bark (or yap) letting the whole neighbourhood know that something is out of the ordinary.¬† As a young dog Jackie often had her ear to ground, listening to the underworld of bugs and grubs and would frantically dig small holes¬†trying to get to them.¬†¬†Those closer to the surface would be plucked out and rolled on.¬† Very seldom eaten.¬† Incredible agility and would wait for ages watching lizards until the appropriate moment to pounce, usually de-tailing¬†unlucky ones.¬† Often caught birds, especially slow-taking-off doves, and was obsessed with Olive Thrushes.¬† She knew when baby birds were about to take their first flight, often landing on the lawn.¬† Poor little birdies had no hope, she was there in a flash.¬†¬† She was never destructive,¬†probably due to the constant companionship of Robbie, our Lab.


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‘Lily’s ‘ on the other hand are “even tempered with a gentle disposition, amiable, neither aggressive nor timid.¬† Make poor guard dogs”¬† They bark or howl¬† “making them good watch dogs” (!)¬†They have¬†“good noses”. ¬† (quotes from Wikipedia)¬† They don’t need exercise to exhaust them as they are quite happy snoozing¬†for long periods.¬†¬†¬†¬†Experiencing Lily’s behaviour at our house, she would rather let Hardy do all the barking at the gate when strangers or dogs walk by.¬†¬†¬†She chases Hardy round and round our house trying to keep with him, squealing as though she’s being¬†murdered .. ¬†and today, walking in the park with Elaine and Bryan, she kept up with him as best she could … and he is fast !!!¬†¬† He flies¬†at ground level¬†like a Whippet!¬†¬† She also digs holes a little larger than Jackie’s, naturally, as her nose is bigger ūüėȬ†¬† ‘Lily’s’¬† have a reputation for getting bored quickly and therefore destructive.¬† Similar to a Labrador, which we have handled before, but that was when we were younger with children at home.¬† More eyes to watch out for mischief-in-the-making and more bodies with which to play and run around with a boisterous Lab!

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The Jack Russell breeder has a litter ready for viewing next weekend.   If I see these pups I will no doubt walk away with one.  Is it the right thing to do, or do we wait for a Beagle?

The Beagle breeder has a litter due this week, obviously not for viewing yet.

Oh my goodness, what a dilemma !!

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