Grizzly MacDuff

Grizzly MacDuff

He doesn’t look all that grizzly, but he’s a look-alike to Grizzly MacDuff in the delightful series of Hairy Maclary books written for children by Lynley Dodd

Copy of IMG_5266

…          ” Grizzly MacDuff
with a bottlebrush tail
leapt out of his basket
and over the rail”  …

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‘Grizzly MacDuff’, MacDuff for short, another neighbours cat, is our new visitor to the garden, who strolls down the driveway making his way to the bird feeders at the back of the house

Copy of Copy of IMG_5261

Our garden is now shared with Slinky (Malinki)  and MacDuff !!  It is possible the word is getting around, in cat world, that we don’t have dogs anymore and birds are free for the taking.   Hubby saw Slinky run up the driveway and hop through the gate with bird in mouth!!

I haven’t seen them together during the day but it’s no wonder I was woken in the middle of the night a few nights ago, with cat calls and dogs barking!   Slinky was standing his ground on our property, no doubt!!!

Things will change when we get a puppy !!!

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