Leaving you with lavender

Leaving you with lavender

Hubby and I are going away for a short break to Ramsgate on the Kwa Zulu Natal South Coast, staying with my cousin, where sea breezes refresh the soul

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It hasn’t been the best of years so far .. some ups, some downs .. happy times, sad times .. but that’s the way life goes

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A fabulous family reunion with my cousins has been the highlight, and a gorgeous family wedding in Midlands.  All three grandchildren have excelled at school 🙂  Elaine’s best friend from school days gave birth to the sweetest little baby girl.   At long last my piriformis/hips/sciatica/lower back is improving with specific exercises for offending muscles thanks to recent visits to another biokineticist.  Strengthening those muscles is taking time, but that’s fine by me

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Losing our little Max at the tender age of 9 months, in January, hit us hard and for the first time in all too many years that I can remember, we have been without a pet.  But, yay !! that’s going to change soon.  We are getting a new puppy on our return from Ramsgate 🙂

My precious and beloved Mum passed away on 10th March.  I miss her so much 🙁

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And then my hubby had a malignant melanoma removed which needed further surgery to make sure all the cancer was removed including 5 lymph nodes.   Everyone is touched by cancer, whether a friend, a friend of a friend, a close relation, but you never expect it to touch your life-time partner and spouse.  When it does, you have to deal with it.  I must admit I’ve had a few ‘wobblies’, but the thought of going backwards to those dark days of depression and anxiety I experienced 6 years ago, (subject of which I’d blogged about often at the time) I managed to ward off that nasty ‘alien’ I used to call it.  All our prayers were answered when, after blood tests and a PET scan, all came back negative.   The chances of a malignant melanoma returning is quite high (50%) which is scary, but hubby’s oncology doctor .. now he is in the oncology ‘system’ … assures us that when one returns, no matter where in body, it will be cut out.  Detection is vital with regular 3 monthly blood tests and annual PET scan.

And so, that’s what he’ll be doing from now onwards.

And we’ll stay positive.

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p.s.  hubby and I were supposed to leave early tomorrow morning to Ramsgate but hubby has discovered a nail in the car’s tyre 🙁  Popping into the tyre repair place is essential first thing tomorrow, which also gives me a chance to phone and collect a prescription from the prosthodontist who I saw for root canal treatment on Monday, but am now experiencing pain and inflammation, all before the follow-up next Mon.  The down-side to this is that he may repeat the antibiotics I was one previously, which means ‘ no alcohol must pass the lips ‘  (makes one rather ill, he said)   And that means no wine while chilling in Ramsgate!!!!  Withdrawal symptoms will set in !!


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  1. Such beautiful photos! We have just returned from Sanlameer and it has been great – such a lovely time of the year at the South Coast – enjoy!

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