Beaver Creek Coffee Estate and Roastery in Port Edward

Beaver Creek Coffee Estate and Roastery in Port Edward

While staying with my cousin Barry, in Ramsgate, hubby and I had coffee and a light lunch at Beaver Creek in Port Edward.    Beaver Creek is the world’s most Southern coffee estate in the seaside town of Port Edward.  A family owned business with three generations personally involved in growing, harvesting and roasting, began in 1984 with only 4 trees and now has more than 60 000 trees !!

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Next time we are in the area, we want to make sure we’re there for the ‘crop to cup’ tour which begins at 12:00 daily that outlines the distinctive flavours of the world’s coffee regions and the processes involved in creating the perfect cup.   Sounds very interesting

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Coffee tree saplings for sale.  I’m buying one next time to plant in a pot 🙂

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Coffee tastings ..

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We sat under the tarpaulin for coffee and a nice light lunch.   Hubby said his hamburger was very good and I had a spinach and feta quiche which was also very good.  There is an indoor area as well   …

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Drying tables:  I spoke to a chappie who was tossing a tray of washed beans, who in his broken English said he turns them every 3 hours and then they are left to dry.  I don’t know for how long they dry in the sun as he couldn’t understand what I was asking.  I need to go on the tour 😉

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Rural living …

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