Walking on Marina Beach

Walking on Marina Beach

The weather wasn’t too marvellous during our stay with Barry in Ramsgate.   It was warm for us ..  coming from the Highveld where the winters are icy ..  but the locals were “freezing” !  Our last day was perfect.  No wind, sunny and warm.

Hubby and I stopped at Marina Beach on our way to Beaver Creek, for a lovely long beach walk reminiscing about our two holidays spent here 30 or so years before.  It’s hardly changed which is wonderful to see.  No dense housing or rows of holiday apartments on the seashore to be seen.   Dunes and vegetation undisturbed

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1987 :  Our spot on the grass with multi-coloured umbrella, was easier than on the sand with an 8 months old – Elaine …

Marina Beach 1 1987

1985 :  my son Carl  …

Marina Beach 3 1985

As it is today …

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Trafalgar Beach starts approximately midway along expanse of beach ..

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Not the busiest lifeguards around !   Trafalgar Beach had very few people

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Swimming beach at Marina Beach …

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Original beach kiosk, on right, now has a restaurant added …

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Trim and slim, were hubby and I, in 1985 !!

Marina Beach 4 1985

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