I need a change ..

I need a change ..

… I need a haircut!

Two years ago I decided I needed a change and started growing my hair.  My hairdresser suggested it, as I’ve had the same style, or similar, forever and a day, or so it seems!  I persevered … growing out the short bits, cutting the longer bits and finally ended up with short bob.

During this time … these past two years … my ‘crowning glory’ has been going a grey, little by little !   I don’t colour my hair .. never have … and I don’t want to start now.  To much a hassle and too expensive!!!!   For a couple of  years the blonde/light brown bits on top starting turning grey before the rest, giving me natural highlights.

I quite liked it !!

The other day, Jeanette took photos of our little James and, holy moly, I noticed how grey the rest has turned !!!  Yikes !!!

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As I said, I’m not one for colouring, so the next best thing is a shorter cut thus layering from top to bottom .. and thus making the grey bits shorter and not as noticeable.

One of the reasons why we .. hairdresser and I .. decided a different look, a longer look, was to hide the thinning bits on top!  Have no idea what causes thinning bits in women but a few men folk in my family had, and have thinning bits on top.

But .. I feel this style .. the one I have now … which is a short bob grown out, as I’ve neglected a regular cut for reasons which I have no idea except fitting in an appointment with a very busy hairdresser .. regular sessions with a biokineticist (which are now finished) .. and more visits than I would have liked to a specialist dentist for root canal treatment .. as well as my yoga/gym sessions – which I cannot miss otherwise I’m not fun to live with! … and fetching grandsons from school every lunchtime or watching their sports activities in the afternoon.

I am busy!!

I have a hair appointment on Wednesday next week .. do I make a change from longish, greyish, drab and draining  … to a short, layered, pixie ‘showing-up-the-wrinkles-more-and-double-chin’  cut as I’ve had ‘forever and a day’ ?

Collages - 219

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