So proud of Bradley at inter-house school athletics

So proud of Bradley at inter-house school athletics

Ooops .. I haven’t done a post for ages !   Time runs away with me is my first excuse.  Secondly .. before hubby retired, we got up before the crack of dawn for him to avoid traffic congestion into work,  leaving me with time to spare before my day began.  My brain works better first thing in the morning!!   In retirement, whoever gets up before the crack of dawn must be on a mission of some sort.  My morning revolves around what time yoga, pilates or gym class starts.  Blogging is now done when brain is tired in the evenings, or afternoons like now, when Jeanette collected boys from school, leaving me with free time !

Thirdly … at present, my weekends are taken up with gardening due to the change of season which seemed to skip Spring and went headfirst into summer!!  Evenings are chilly-ish but the days are hitting the late 20’s to 30 degrees C!!   … and with no rain in sight !!  Clear blue skies day after day !!   The drought is getting serious.  Our weekly gardener, Samuel, has also been very ill lately but is back doing light tasks until he has recovered fully.    New growth and Spring/early summer flowers are blossoming despite the weather … but that’s another story …

This is about Bradley :   he came 4th in 800m and his relay team came 3rd !

He has achieved so much up to now in this, his final year of Primary School.   He starting participating in athletics for the first time.  He’s never been a runner but since sprouting like a beanstalk with long, lanky legs, he discovered he could run, especially long distance.   Last week was their inter-house athletics meeting, held in the morning, when sadly most parents are at work, as were Jeanette and Lance.  There was a handful of parents and grandparents cheering on the boys and girls.  Such a pity 🙁

Most Grade 7 athletes and cheerleaders had their faces painted …



Connor singing and yelling in support of his house ..

copy-of-img_6977 copy-of-img_6985


Bradley supporting the girls 800m …


Start of the senior boys 800m ..

copy-of-img_6950 copy-of-img_6951 copy-of-img_6952

Running steadily before the last stretch round the field when he changed gear and those long legs went flat out !!!   I was so impressed I had to watch instead of taking pics !


Well done Brad !!


Handing in his 4th place card ..


He had a lot of ground to cover in his changeover in the relay .. and did sooo well !

copy-of-img_7014 copy-of-img_7017 copy-of-img_7020

Very proud of you Bradley!   Hope you continue athletics in High School – you’ll be a star 🙂

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