Today is National Heritage Day in South Africa

Today is National Heritage Day in South Africa

…  or as it’s commonly known, National Braai Day.  We will have a braai tomorrow,   not because of today’s significance, but because our children will be coming for Sunday lunch !

This is a day when one should be reflecting on one’s heritage.  I’m not going to go into detail on my story or my family’s story at this point as  I have done so in many, many blog posts throughout my blogging years.  I have been taking flower photographs lately so thought I would show my heritage through flowers  🙂

Hubby and I are naturalized citizens of South Africa having been here for 42 years.  SA’s national flower is the King Protea (which of course I haven’t one growing in my garden as it’s a Cape flower and doesn’t do marvellously well in our Gauteng climate).  Elaine’s wedding bouquet was a magnificent bloom (Oct 2013) ..


What I do have in my garden are some striking strelitzia … indigenous to South Africa and blooming now



I am a Rhodesian, born and bred and extremely proud of my heritage.  My parents are both born and bred Rhodesians.  Hubby is also proudly Rhodesian born and bred.  The flame lily, from my garden, flowers at the end of November through December and is the national flower of Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe …


Naturally I don’t have thistles growing in my garden either, or for that matter a gorgeous kilted Scottish piper standing in a corner of my garden !!   Scotland, being my Dad’s family home on both his parents side, with South Africa and England on my mother’s ..


Burgundy iceberg rose is from my garden .. not an English tudor rose ;))  …


But I do have Irises – or fleur-de-lis – which represents my hubby’s family who originate from France on his father’s side .. and South Africa on his mother’s …


Happy National Heritage Day to one and all 🙂 🙂 🙂

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