James graduated from Puppy School

James graduated from Puppy School

Last Saturday was Graduation Day for James !!  Yay !!!!


Staying focused during each session was his main problem.  All he wanted to do was to play with his pals !  Phew it was hard work for me trying to keep his focus on each task!!  We noticed, a few weeks ago, when we had Hardy and Lily for the weekend, he listened more and performed his tasks better.  Putting two and two together we realised he was tired!

Soooo .. last Saturday we took him for a 2 hour playdate with Hardy and Lily at Elaine and Bryan’s.  It worked !!!   Our instructor, Ady, thought we had drugged him as, when we arrived, he sat next to me, with loose-lead, watching his fellow graduates walk into the training pen.  She should not have mentioned it, as soon after he was up to antics .. pulling on the lead, yelping, wanting to play.  As I said, our classes were hard for me !!!!  Photo below :  focus relapse  !!!!


James and I had been practising … a lot!   It paid off.  He was a star !!  He did everything he was supposed to do, or just about !!   Clever boy !!


Ady Hawkins  : McKaynine Training Centre, Delta Park :  Our fantastic instructor and animal behaviourist.  We learnt so much from her instruction.  I not only found these classes hard work (for me .. and James, a terrier .. a breed renowned for ‘hard to train’)   but fun, interesting and very informative



Free play  –  poor Maya the Lab caught between two pups.  James always thought he was as big as the others … a big boy in a small body 🙂


After going through the paces in the training pen, we had a relay race.  Back-breaking for me!   With treat in hand, (to keep their focus) one has to guide puppy over obstacles, stop on platform for a ‘sit’ to end, and then a ‘sit, down, sit’ on the way back.  He was tired by ‘sit, down, sit’ and didn’t quite get the ‘down’  but it was ok .. he was still a clever boy 🙂


Ready, steady …


Go …

copy-of-img_7492 copy-of-img_7493 copy-of-img_7494 copy-of-img_7495

A back-breaking experience because he’s so little !   Excuse the bum in the air !!!  Would love to train a larger dog like a Labrador 🙂  they’re big and clever 😉  it would be breeze !

copy-of-img_7496 copy-of-img_7500

My relay team …


Well done my Jamesie-poo !!  You ARE a star!!   So so so proud of you !


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