This little cutie is Georgia

This little cutie is Georgia

She is the nearly-8months old baby girl of Robyn and Mark (Elaine and Bryan’s good friends) and I have a playdate most Thursdays with her and coffee with her Granny Sandy 🙂  Last Thursday I remembered to take my camera in order to get better photos than those taken with my cellphone which end up on Instagram and Facebook.

Isn’t she just too adorable ?!!!!    She is getting used to my visits …  after a Nova class at the gym … and greets me with her gorgeous smile, big blue eyes and chubby cheeks 🙂  She’s a contented and happy little soul

I had difficulty choosing photos  .. so there are many 🙂

img_7706 img_7707




Love the way she screws up her face ..


I was playing peek-a-boo behind the camera ..





img_7728 img_7731

Robyn is a working mom and fortunately her mom, Sandy,  is able to be a full-time/hands-on Granny like me 🙂

img_7734 img_7736

img_7745 img_7748 img_7751 img_7753

Babies favourites … a pot  and wooden spoons

img_7755 img_7765 img_7768 img_7769


Ouch !!!   One on the forehead!!!


img_7782 img_7783 img_7786 img_7788 img_7791

Nap time …


img_7800 img_7802 img_7806 img_7809 img_7816

I shall miss her on Thursday as hubby and I are leaving on Wednesday to the Cape for a few days

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    1. Glad you like the piccies 🙂 I know.. I love babies toes too. Couldn’t get decent fingers pics though .. maybe you can try? 😉 Will bring my camera again next time (two weeks time) There was a 10 metre statue outside the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco of a baby with gorgeous toes which I took a pic of a few years ago – was part of an exhibition by Marc Quinn

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