Klein River Cheeses in Stanford

Klein River Cheeses in Stanford

Hubby and I spent a few wonderful days with his sister Cheryl and hubby Bob in Hermanus … the place where Southern Right Whales frolic in the bay, Walker Bay.  They come to warmer waters at this time of the year to have their babies.  Sadly, they were hiding 🙁  .. not one did we see !  Next time.   In previous years, we’ve seen many .. an amazing experience.

One thing I wanted to do whilst in the Hermanus/Stanford area was to buy a new wine bottle opener.   We have searched high and low for the same opener as the one we bought several years ago from Raka Wine Estates.   ‘Searching’ as in every time we visit a winery we ask if they have them .. or when we remember to ask in a bottle/liquor store.   It has an easy to use foil cutter on a simply designed waiters friend opener.  I will reveal this functional opener in my next blog

Half an hours scenic drive from Hermanus is the village of Stanford where the Klein River Cheese farmstead is situated.  We decided to stop for a cheese tasting and cappuccino on the way to Raka



What a lovely place !!!!  There are cheese tastings, a lush gorgeous picnic area (picnic baskets are available from the Picnic Shed) and the super duper playground .. oh yes and roosters, hens and chicks running around and other petting farm animals …


If you get there early enough .. which unfortunately we were not .. you can watch cheeses being made through large windows.  Here the equipment was being washed down after the morning’s cheese making …

copy-of-img_7848 copy-of-img_7849



copy-of-img_7852 copy-of-img_7854


Certificates and awards adorn every inch of the walls …

img_7853-2 img_7853


copy-of-img_7856 copy-of-img_7858 copy-of-img_7859 copy-of-img_7861 copy-of-img_7862


copy-of-img_7865 copy-of-img_7866

Yummm … cheeses we tasted were really good.  Naturally we bought some 🙂

copy-of-img_7867 copy-of-img_7868 copy-of-img_7870 copy-of-img_7871 copy-of-img_7874 copy-of-img_7875 copy-of-img_7877



We have to have a picnic next visit  …

copy-of-img_7887 copy-of-img_7888 copy-of-img_7889

Cappuccinos and happy faces 🙂 ..


copy-of-img_7907 copy-of-img_7908


copy-of-img_7909 copy-of-img_7910 copy-of-img_7911

copy-of-img_7883 copy-of-img_7885




copy-of-img_7891 copy-of-img_7892 copy-of-img_7896 copy-of-img_7898 copy-of-img_7900



We’ll be back for more cheese tastings and an awesome picnic !!!

A countryside scene 🙂 …


Ooooh .. I was excited to see Klein River cheese on the Woolworths shelves this  morning and of course had to buy some 😉

img_8298 img_8303 img_8305

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