The best wine bottle opener at Raka Wine Estate

The best wine bottle opener at Raka Wine Estate

Well ….. I like it anyway!   It’s easy to use and fits neatly in a drawer.  With a couple of twists of the foil cutter then screw the screwing thingie into the cork, lift cork out with ease and voilá … wine bottle open !!  Raka Wines is the only winery we’ve come across that has this type of waiters friend bottle opener.   We’ve had ours for some years now and needed another, as a stand-by.  The original is still perfect !


Hence the visit to Raka after Klein River Cheeses.  We’ve done wine tasting here before and decided not to do it again, but make our way back to Hermanus for a calamari lunch on the beach after our purchase and a few piccies …


I like Raka wines especially the Biography Shiraz, with the Quinary .. a blend, coming a close second …





img_7924 img_7928 img_7926




img_7937 img_7938 img_7939 img_7940 img_7941

We stopped at The Royal Oke, also in Stanford, for a quick look and a few pics before heading back to Hermanus.  We could have had lunch there .. it is very pretty … but calamari on beach beckoned !

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