” Hardy and Lily are my best friends “

” Hardy and Lily are my best friends “

“”I am sad ūüôĀ

My two best friends in the whole wide world have gone home.  Their mom and dad came back yesterday from a weekend away and took them back to their house


Hardy is always running around the house and barks at everyone who walks passed the gate as well as the dogs next door.  I like to chase Hardy but I have to run as fast as I can because he runs like the wind !!!  He is part Whippet which is why he loves to run soooo fast !!!


Hardy is always alert and ready to run when he sees or hears anything different.¬† I like having him at my house¬†‘cos he’s a good watchdog !


Lily is my absolute best friend.¬† We play together all the time.¬† She bites me and I bite her.¬† I love to pull her soft velvety ears .. and she doesn’t squeal !!!¬†¬† We tumble over and over together!¬† It’s so much fun !!


When my mom and dad take us all for a walk to the greenbelt, I have to pull hard on the harness to keep up with my playmates.¬†¬† I wanted to show them the bunnies that live at a church down the road but the bunnies went into hiding when they saw us coming !!¬† ¬†“”


I know I will see them again in a few days, but I miss them when we are not together xxx


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