Connor turned 10 !!

Connor turned 10 !!

Our grandchildren are growing up at what seems an alarming rate.  Bradley is 13 going on 14 and Connor turned 10 the other day.  Erin turns 10 in April.

‘ On this day’  memories on Facebook has featured quite a few photographs taken over the years of Connor’s birthdays, particularly birthday cakes .. all made by me.  When the boys were small and the parties were huge, Jeanette, ordered special themed cakes, as most mommies do … at a price !!!!   One year I suggested making the party cake to save the hassle of ordering and paying those exorbitant prices.  And so it began .. I have made the party cake as well as the ‘ home’  cake for the actual birthday.   A birthday cake is a must for tea on your birthday !!!!!!

I make my usual choccie cake 🙂 unless otherwise requested (plain or lemon sponge)

This year Connor’s party was a very small affair … a couple of friends for a movie and sleepover.  He thoroughly enjoyed it!

The movie … ‘ The Lego Batman Movie’.
The cake … ‘The Lego Batman Movie’  logo with the added Lego 10 and Batman put together by Connor


The ‘ home ‘  cake, decorated by Connor himself, and served with afternoon tea after school on his birthday ..


I had fun looking for photos of cakes I’ve made for Connor .. top right is a “Connor- decorated-Star-Wars-special 🙂  others :- emergency services, target for laser quest party, rock climbing, ten-pin bowling and acrobranch …


‘ Home’  cakes ..


I can’t wait for our new little granddaughter to hit the party scene !!   Elaine and Bryan are expecting a baby girl in August !!   Yay !!  Great excitement !!  A new grandbaby to cuddle and love … and to make cakes for 😉

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