My spirits were lifted

My spirits were lifted

After our usual early evening walk with James to the veld (greenbelt) the other day,  I felt quite disheartened walking back home down our road.   We used to have a pretty tree-lined road with neat verges of different styles of plantings, whether plain lawns or lawns dotted with a shrub or two, or three, or edged with a narrow bed of flowering plants, be it perennials or annuals.  We, even the not so keen gardeners, were all conscious of keeping our pavement gardens pleasing to the eye.

Times have changed.  Occupants have come and gone.  Some houses are rented with residents who couldn’t be bothered and some have owners who don’t care.  There is only a handful of us left who take pride in our pavement gardens.  One doesn’t have to go overboard with a designer styled, immaculately manicured area!   A simple regularly mowed lawn looks good.  I know we are still experiencing drought conditions even though we’ve had rain and the dams are filling and keeping a garden looking good is difficult.  We haven’t been allowed to use sprinklers or irrigation systems at all the entire summer, but I managed with watering within the allowed times with a hand-held hosepipe.  My lawn is looking it’s worst ever.   There’s nothing I can do about it.  It relies on the rain.  Only when plants are gasping for water do I water them in the evening (within the limits allowed)

So … the other evening when I sat on a garden chair in the front courtyard to take off my walking shoes I felt so disheartened.  Sad to see our neighbourhood as it is, and sad to see my garden.  I need to change things.  I need more indigenous plants.  I need to make it look nice again.

And then I turned around.  The light shone beyond the shady side-of-the-house pathway garden.  My spirits lifted.  It looked good.  I haven’t done too badly as a gardener.  I’ve planted every single plant and laid all the stepping stone paths in the entire garden .. me … myself !!!   I’m doing the best I can in these drought conditions.  I cannot do anymore.  The lawn is ok.   I can’t take a chance and fertilise as I don’t know when next we’ll have rain.  We were supposed to have a storm over the weekend, but it never materialised.   Rain was then forecast for later this week


I felt so much better looking down the windy path to the back garden.

And then I turned around.  I see these white asters all the time as I walk out the front door, but today, I saw them !  En masse!!!   They are beautiful!!


In a pot next to the chair on which I was sitting, is a small hebe with it’s tiny pretty delicate flowers clustered together forming one flower ..

copy-of-img_9472 copy-of-img_9473

Deep breath !!   I felt good.  My spirits were lifted


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