And then the rain came

And then the rain came

Since my last post a few days ago we’ve had rain, rain and more rain, consisting of  steady light rain petering down to a guti (a fine drizzle) interspersed with several heavy downpours.  My garden is soaking it up!   Or should I say, has soaked it up.  It’s been dry today.  In fact the sun shone for 10 minutes or so!   In these last three days we’ve had 165mm.  I recorded 14mm at the beginning of Feb, giving a grand total of 179mm so far for Feb.  Some areas had far more






At last I can explore without getting wet” 


Always nose to the ground .. that’s our Jamesie  !


Our rain, in the Gauteng area, comes from the Vaal Dam which, is predicted to be at 100% capacity by Sunday.  Surely water restrictions will finally be lifted!  Hope so.

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