Relaxation is the key at Umngazi

Relaxation is the key at Umngazi

Umngazi River Bungalows and Spa is one of those places where, when your feet touch the ground in the car park, you know you’re on holiday.   Actually 200 metres or so before you reach the main gate there’s a hint of what’s in store …

After a long drive through the Transkei, which shouldn’t take as long as it does .. a drive on a road pitted with potholes,  some as large as cows (!), several stop-go’s (road upgrades which will take years) avoiding goats, dogs, cows, donkeys and people crossing right in front of the car and the last 12 kms off the main road after Port St Johns …  a narrow road in need of a make-over, interspersed with cows, donkeys, pigs and poohs … you see that sign ..

…. and this little piggy went ‘ wee wee wee ‘ all the way home

.. and then you see the sea!!

Warm welcoming smiles !!

Nothing and no-one is rushed.  Relaxation is the key element here.  If you have littlies, there are umpteen nannies available at all times of the day or evening, giving mommies and daddies a welcome break.  Littlies are happy .. parents are happy.  There are activities for young and old, if you wish.  If you don’t wish .. you do nothing.   You eat .. and eat!   Breakfast, lunch and dinner, all buffets, with teas in between if you have space.  We didn’t have space!  Deluxe rooms and honeymoon suites have their own communal dining room/lounge (for breakfasts only), complete with deck and plunge pool (away from the main amenities)  Hubby and I, and Gavin and Kathy (my cousins from UK) stayed in honeymoon suites 🙂   Hubby and I stayed in the same room as we had done last March – same furnishings, but refurbished bathroom, windows, patio door and flooring.   It’s really lovely !!   Most bungalows were given a make-over during the resorts major renovations and upgrades last year.

Gavin and Kathy’s bungalow .. isn’t it gorgeous ?!!!

This is ours, tucked away amongst trees …

After lunch and a snooze on the day we arrived, the four of us went for a short stroll to the estuary ..


Making our way back along the water’s edge to the pub for pre-dinner drinks we came across a couple (our age) seated on one of the benches looking out over the river, dunes and sea beyond.  They had just arrived on this, their first visit to Umngazi.   They found paradise, they said …  as we did on our first visit .. and as Gavin and Kathy had said a few hours before

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