A day in the life of Umngazi guests

A day in the life of Umngazi guests

That’s us in this case ..  hubby and I

This is basically how each day unfolds in paradise.  Our mornings began with a cup of tea with a view .. (I am cheating here.  I took this photo on our last day.  Each day previously, feet were bare … ie flipflop-less!)

While sipping tea, breathing deep and slow, gazing .. just gazing, there is a distant sound of the gong from across the river as an employee alerts the outboard motor boat driver (or whatever you call a person who steers an outboard motor boat).  This is the mode of transport for people to cross the river from the village on the opposite bank.  It could be for one, a few or a boatful of people at a time.  This happens early mornings to work, and evenings to their homes.  There is another boat further upstream that does the same

…. and yes, those are cows on the beach.  They come down to sleep on the warm sand at night and then amble their way back to their feeding ground as the morning passes …. most evenings and mornings

…. and a horse !

Sunbird greeting a new day …

Breakfast at the communal dining room for deluxe and honeymoon suites is quiet and peaceful …

After breakfast we were hoping to cross the estuary to the main beach but there was a deep channel in one spot making it difficult.  Option two, which we took, was to catch the boat from the jetty

Walking back along the path, with the clouds building up behind us, and blue skies ahead, a family looked a little undecided as to where to sit ..

A fisherman’s catch of the morning …

To-get-to -the-beach-option-two is the boat from the jetty ..

From the beach and river bank you can see where we had breakfast (orange cushioned chairs on deck) …

A stroll to Flat Rock (far left) and back …

Dolphins playing …

Fascinating rock formations ..

A refreshing dip in the sea before heading back to the boat.  A quick dip .. up to my shoulders.   I have tremendous respect for the sea as I have had various mishaps when I was younger even though I was a strong swimmer .. and, there was no-one else in the water.   A wonderful feeling to be swimming on your own but on the other hand a bit scary as there are no shark nets

After lunch, which is a scrumptious buffet spread from starters to desserts, and which one tries very hard not to eat too much of, but temptation is far too great ..  a lie down back in the bungalow, windows wide and fan rotating, with a good book followed by a snooze and then a cup of tea while a group of village boys have a soccer coaching session 🙂

It appeared, from far, a fisherman was sitting on something whilst fishing ..

.. and so he was .. on an upturned bucket …

Another walk up to the estuary to see what the lower tide was doing to the deep trough, as one needs a bit of exercise before sundowners and dinner … another scrumptious buffet spread from starters to desserts, and which one tries very hard not to eat too much of, but temptation is far too great .. 

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