Dark clouds loomed over Umngazi

Dark clouds loomed over Umngazi

… as they are today at home- hopefully to bring rain.  There is a chilly breeze though so we may not get rain .. typically autumn.  Winter is not far off sadly

This was on our first day at Umngazi which started off sunny, with a bit of cloud around and very very humid!  Our afternoon stroll up the river bank to the river mouth had dark clouds above wafting over rapidly.

This side of the river has interesting rock formations .. some round-ish and smooth (this one has a look-alike monkey paw print embedded) ..

A section of slate looking rocks …

.. and flat black rocks

I’m adding several images as I cannot get onto my Facebook albums to add them there.  In fact I cannot get onto Facebook at all!!!   It’s a mystery as to why it’s not working and everything else is .. on this laptop, which is what I use.   Hubby’s laptop has Facebook, but I can’t store and edit my photos it.  Long story .. I would need to find a new way of storing photographs as the system I use is outdated and his laptop won’t accept it.  Enough of that … let’s get back to ‘  dark clouds looming ‘  … 😉

Exposed sand banks in the river at low tide ..

Umngazi River Bungalows and Spa

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