Celebrating 50 years of marriage !!

Celebrating 50 years of marriage !!

A very special occasion indeed !!!   Cheryl and Bob celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with us at Umngazi !!!   I thought couples celebrating 50 years were old !!  These two are not in that category at all !!!  Not even close !!!

It was a glorious evening for a special occasion

Colours changed from yellows to pinks ..  this was the day of very dark cloudy sky with rain seemingly approaching which didn’t transpire in the end.  Clouds drifted off and we were left with this glorious sunset and a cloudless sky while dining on the deck

A gift from Umngazi management and staff to celebrate 🙂    How special is that !!!!    …  and being a Saturday it’s fish night at Umngazi.   A buffet table groaning with crayfish, mussels, calamari, fresh line fish and more …. as well as roasts for those who don’t/can’t eat fish of any kind

Only photo I have of our delicious meal is my plate of fish deliciousness !!

And then …. every Saturday night, when everyone as consumed all that fishy deliciousness, the staff perform their traditional dancing.  It’s fabulous !!

Super ending to a fantastic day and special celebration !!

Cheers,  Bob and Cheryl, to many, many more happy and loving years ahead !!!  We love you lots xxx

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