Sundowner cruise at Umngazi

Sundowner cruise at Umngazi

Today is one of those days when I don’t feel like doing anything.¬† It’s Sunday ūüôā¬†¬† No yoga, pilates, gym of any sort, and no school runs.¬† Just as well .. I have a head cold.¬† Fuzzy brain and all things that go with a cold, which reared it’s head with a sneeze yesterday afternoon !!¬† ¬†And it’s a little cloudy and chilly outside.

What better day¬†to go¬†through my Umngazi River Bungalows and Spa photographs and picking out a few from our booze cruise, which I might add, was an evening similar to today .. cloudy and cool.¬† The only difference is that rain was imminent which thankfully didn’t materialise

Grey Heron ..

Highlight of the cruise is watching an African Fish Eagle swoop down to catch a fish.¬† Kevin, the legendary Sundowner cruise guide,¬†attracts the attention of the pair of Fish Eagles with his ‘Fish¬†Eagle bird calls’¬† and, if you’re lucky, they both take the bait.¬† We were lucky.¬† Last year, on our last holiday, ¬†only one attempted the pick-up without success.¬† This time we were privileged to hear both their calls in response to Kevin’s and watch them swoop and grab the fish which Kevin throws into the water

African Fish Eagle followed by a Yellow-billed Kite (in distance at bottom of photo below) which take the sardine bait if the Fish Eagle is not successful

Too quick for me to capture the pick-up …

Yellow-billed Kite about to grab the second sardine …

Both Fish Eagles were successful with their catch.  Awesome to watch !!!

Grey Herons again ..

Not the best photo:¬† on our way back along the river the pair had finished their fish meal …

This was something different from last year’s cruise … a sing-a-long!!!¬†¬†¬† Great fun!!

Kevin tied a blanket around his waist representing an African woman who, in some nationalities/tribes, have large buttocks and thighs, the wiggling of which is part of their traditional dancing.    It was hilarious !!!

Traditional dancing (with shaking and wiggling hips)¬† on Saturday nights at Umngazi ¬†…

Another scrumptious meal to look forward to that the evening


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