A weekend in the Central Drakensberg

A weekend in the Central Drakensberg

Moving on from our idyllic holiday in the Transkei, hubby and I spent a weekend at one of our favourite spots in the Drakensberg … Champagne Castle Hotel.

As usual, I’ve taken more than enough photographs!!!   Majestic mountains are like the sea.  One can gaze at their beauty for hours!!  One can also capture them time and time again, each photo never the same.

As we drove closer to our destination, the magnificent mountains were shrouded in cloud, mist and rain.   We were in for a wet couple of days ..

Mommy peahen and her chick huddled under the eaves of the hotel out of the chilly rain while humans, including us on our arrival, huddled in the warmth of the lounge sipping tea

I see you .. and you see me ..

For just a moment, the rain stopped and the clouds cleared .. just for a moment !

Then they rolled in again ..  playing hide and seek with mountains for the next 48 hours or so ..



We did however get a chance to walk along the road and up the mountain


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