Waterfalls, bridges, steps and a forest

Waterfalls, bridges, steps and a forest

March 2017 :  Champagne Castle Hotel – Central Drakensberg

Hubby and I went for an afternoon stroll on Mike’s Path, a short circular trail passed the upper dams, through the forest and back to the dams …

We spotted a familiar lady with her dogs who’ve seen her every time we’ve stayed at the hotel.  She walks along the country roads and/or through Champagne Castle’s property with her dogs every day !!

This Lab so reminded both hubby and I of our Robbie ..

After chatting with her for a few minutes, she went on her way at a great pace !!!

Not keeping up with her, but in the same direction …

Where trees fall, so they stay (unless of course they’re dangerous)  Ummm wasn’t sure about this one as we had to bend pretty low to go under it ..

Depending whether you’re coming or going .. this was the end of Mike’s Path for us .. on the main path through the forest ..

The gnarled tree.  It intrigues me with all it’s knobs and I always take a photo of it when passing 🙂

Small red dot is a person in a red jacket ..

Circular route takes us back to the dams ..

.. and a bridge takes us back to the playground and lawns ..

…. and ducks  !!!

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