Mountains and valleys, flowers and moss … and waterfalls

Mountains and valleys, flowers and moss … and waterfalls

March 2017 : Champagne Castle Hotel

Early morning mist hung over the forest and clouds shrouded the highest peaks but the weather report was positive .. no rain.   The hiking trail to the Sphinx which hubby and I have done several times is classed as moderate, I think, and takes a couple of hours there and back so one can do it easily after breakfast and be back for a drink before lunch 😉

I didn’t take any photographs on the way up but couldn’t resist on the way down.  So … my photographic story starts at the Sphinx.  We keep saying we’ll walk further, beyond this point but never do … next time we MUST !!

The Sphinx ‘replica’  taken on our last trip here two years ago …

Hotel in centre of photo above ^  .. zoomed in to hotel below >

Crystal Falls cascading down crevice in centre  …

Crystal Falls ..

Nothing nicer than to scoop and sip a handful of crystal clear cold mountain water …

Ericas ..

Blue sky peeped through the clouds ..

I loved the pink flowers scattered everywhere.  They looked like Plectranthus (cheeky chimeni) ..

Photo is a little deceptive.   Rocks in the stream were unstable and about the size of hubby’s boots and further apart than it looks .. and water was ankle deep ..

Sunshine and blue skies …

What a change in a couple of hours !!!

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