Majestic Cathkin Peak revealed after a few days of rain and mist

Majestic Cathkin Peak revealed after a few days of rain and mist

March 2017  :  Champagne Castle Hotel

Our weekend in the Drakensberg was coming to an end.  Hubby and I were leaving the following day and up to this point we hadn’t seen the mountain peaks.  It would have been disappointing to leave for home without seeing a glimpse .. even for a moment.  But once the clouds cleared we were blessed with this spectacular sight until we left after breakfast the next day  (photo taken from hotel’s patio)

Below is the photo I took on our arrival a few days prior showing the outline of the mountain range seen from the hotel’s patio.  The plateau top of Champagne Castle (3377m) is almost hidden behind Cathkin Peak (3149m) .. .

As the last wisps of cloud drifted off, more of the range was revealed ..

Sun setting behind the mountains ..

Sunrise the next morning …

Sheer cliffs of Champagne Castle (flat topped on the far left) and Cathkin Peak now can be seen clearly behind the grassy mountains in the foreground ..

Bright sunshine – a promise of a good day ahead but for hubby and I, it was time to make our way home ..

The road ‘ follows ‘ the Drakensberg for miles …

The Amphitheatre ..

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