A walk-about in my garden

A walk-about in my garden

Let’s see if I can squeeze in a post before my space runs out on this site.

But oh my goodness .. I have carpel tunnel syndrome in both hands and it’s getting worse.  It’s come and gone over the years since a visit to a neuro surgeon who suggested the op then.  But I don’t like having ops!  I will avoid them until it’s really really really necessary.  I think the time has come.  I now can’t feel the tips of fingers!!!!!   Sometimes are cannot feel the button on my camera to click a photo … not the easiest thing to do when taking piccies of my late winter/early spring flowers and buds … as was the case last weekend and yesterday

Aloe ..

Succulent ..

A little blue flower !!!   I have scattered seeds from various mixed seed packets.  Quite interesting to see what ‘s popping up!!  this is one of them ..

Gazania ..

Hibiscus  (in a sheltered spot ) ..

Osteospermum …

Hebe ..

Camellia ..

Virginia Stocks ..

Some roses are still budding !!!   I have two bushes left to prune, this is one of them – Brilliant Iceberg ..

Viola ..

Geranium ..

Flowering plum ..

Holding thumbs this gets published on my site

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