Waiting for Baby Moose

Waiting for Baby Moose

Any day now Elaine and Bryan’s baby girl – or Moose as she is known 🙂 – will make her appearance  ..

There are bets as to when she will arrive.  Hubby’s day has passed and my day is today !   At this moment she has five hours to go !!  Bryan’s Dad, Nigel, and Connor’s day is tomorrow.  Renee, Bryan’s Mum is Monday 14th.

I do think now that Baby Moose will arrive on Friday which is Elaine’s birthday !!!   What an amazingly wonderful birthday gift !!!

I am so excited, as we all are !!!   I cannot wait to hold and cuddle our new baby granddaughter

I will keep you posted (if I can … if my space doesn’t run out grrrrr 🙂  )


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