Testing my new blog .. new beginnings .. new name

Testing my new blog .. new beginnings .. new name

Yay !!   Thank you a million times Jeanette for creating my new blog !!!

Huge learning curve for me again since moving from my first blog at BlogSpot to Momsmeanderings on WordPress and now a brand new WordPress blog.   Changing my name was a mission and half !!!  I couldn’t keep momsmeanderings.  After all the suggestions from Jeanette and her office mates it became rather confusing !!!!  In the end I decided ‘ musings with coffee’  sounded like me.   Most days I go for coffee after gym/pilates/yoga classes and scroll Facebook as well as reflect.  I think about what next to blog about … my day, my week, my family etc ..  and me.

The ‘ dashboard’  of this new blog is similar yet different.  I have to get used to working with this one  ie  categories are reduced vastly (momsmeanderings categories were getting out of hand !!   I am sure I will have a question or two … or three .. every day when Jeanette fetches the boys 🙂

Jeanette’s magnificent photograph is the header for now until I am more comfortable with my new musingswithcoffee

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    1. Thanks Carly. I could never have done this on my own !! I still have to add my ‘ about ‘ column and get used to working of it. So similar to the other but there are differences

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