Our beautiful granddaughter Emma Rose

Our beautiful granddaughter Emma Rose

Getting back to my posts on my new site !!!   I now have space !!  Yay !!   ho hum .. I can’t remember how to fill in the  ‘ about ‘  column so bear with me until I ask Jeanette again.  I have fiddled around in the dashboard etc but can’t find what Jeanette showed me !!   No matter ..  I will do it in due course.

I have been a little busy of late.  Our domestic helper, Anna (daughter of our longstanding domestic helper who retired three years ago) has now also left us.  Housework is rather exhausting added to gym, pilates and yoga plus fitting in visits to baby Emma and giving new mommy Elaine some motherly support as well as my hands-on, lovingly executed granny duties with Bradley and Connor 🙂 and gardening in-between when time permits!!!    Thank heavens a new helper, Joyce, is coming on Mondays (starting this Mon) and Elaine’s helper Violet will come on Wednesdays.

I now have time to catch up with my blogging … before Emma gets any older !! .. I’m going back to three weeks ago when Emma Rose was born.   Three weeks tomorrow already !!!  She’s getting more and more gorgeous and we are soooo in love with this little bundle of cuteness

13 August 2017 :  Celebrating Elaine’s birthday too, which was 2 days before Emma’s !!  I hadn’t had a chance to bake her a cake so I thought it was perfect timing to celebrate both birthdays … choccie cake for Elaine and champagne for Emma !!  Two extra special girls ..

Fresh sweetpeas for my sweetie pie 😉

Granny Renee meeting Emma …

New dad doing the nappy/diaper change 🙂  It’s fabulous seeing hands-on dads these days !!   That didn’t happen in my day !

Big yawn !!  Patience, little Emma, your new daddy has only just got his ‘ learners ‘ licence !!

‘ All these poppers need to match up ‘  😉

Aunty Jeanette was taking photographs too so I sneaked a few shots as well ..

Love this special moment between sisters ..

Bradley was allowed into the ward to meet his brand new baby cousin but poor Connor wasn’t as he was too young.  I went with Connor to the viewing window while mom took a few pics of Connor’s reaction at seeing his new baby cousin for the first time

Watch this space for more of Emma 🙂  🙂  🙂


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