Just Emma

Just Emma

Oh my goodness !!   Baby Emma is 4 weeks tomorrow .. and I am really slacking with posting updated piccies of our gorgeous bundle of pure cuteness on my new Musings with Coffee !!  It’s been a busy week.  My domestic help started this past week and I must say it was a little chaotic.  I haven’t needed anyone completely new for the last 42 years so this was huge for me!!  I’m not used to buckets, brooms and cleaning stuff scattered all over the place as a routine settles in!  No exercise classes did I attend except for one restorative yoga class which I desperately needed!

We’ve also spent time with Elaine and Emma which is so very special.  This past week hasn’t been as easy as the previous two weeks with Emma who has been a bit niggly.  Elaine takes our little munchkin to Tina Otte’s baby well centre where she is weighed, measured and advice given.  Sr Linda is amazing !!  She puts Elaine’s (and mine) mind at ease with the wealth of information and advice she imparts.  I only wished I had had a Sr Linda when I was a new mommy for my three babies !!  I have learnt so much so far and look forward to Emma’s next visit 🙂

And now for some photos .. some from my mobile phone and others with my camera ..

Emma is one day old  :  Jeanette took beautiful photographs in the Park Lane Clinic .. I took a few with my phone, one of which is the photographer herself .. Aunty Jeanetty holding her one day old baby niece 🙂

Day 2 :  Discharged from clinic and settled into her new home with Mommy, Daddy and doggies Hardy and Lily

Day 3 :  Hubby and I popped in for a short time for granny and grandpa cuddles in the comfort of their home.  Feeding time !  Skin-to-skin breast feeding was new to me.  It has wonderful benefits one of which is keeping baby awake :),  another is that baby gets warmth and body temperature from mommy’s skin.  It was very cold outside and to see this ‘ naked ‘  baby being fed was unusual to say the least, but it makes sense

Big yawn !!

Dad getting to grips with nappy/diaper changing.  I had to smile at the clothes lined up and ready to pull on



Hurry up Dad !!

All dressed and happy again 🙂

Swaddle wrap next ..


Well done Dad !!!  All wrapped up and ready for cuddles



Cuddles with Papa…..


Granny’s love ..

Love this little face …

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