Cuddles with baby Emma .. day 4 and 5

Cuddles with baby Emma .. day 4 and 5

How can we not resist popping in to see our precious baby granddaughter Emma.  This was when she was 4 days old  –  17th August  (all mobile phone piccies)

I had to take a photo of the gorgeous mop of dark hair while she cuddles into mommy’s neck after her feed …

Hardy and hubby discussing the new arrival.  Hardy is an amazingly intelligent dog and seems to understand everything we say  ..


Cute as a button !!

5 days old – 18th Aug ..

I had no idea ‘tummy time’  started at birth !!!  I was quite taken aback when I saw Bryan put five day old Emma on the floor!!  Poor baby .. what on earth was he doing !!!!!!!!!   He gently pushed up against her bum and legs while she wriggled forward, lifting her head from side to side.   She wriggled for a few centimetres before he picked her up.  Apart from waking her up it strengthens her legs, back and neck.  Well it worked!  Emma is now a month old already .. how the month has flown! .. and has definitely benefited by this

Ever protective Hardy boy, sleeping with one eye open in Emma’s nursery ..

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