Colour in July

Colour in July

A diversion from baby pics 😉   Yay I hear to say !  I know seeing endless photos of other people’s babies can be rather boring.  But bear with me 😉  We haven’t had a baby in our family for 10 years!   It’s so exciting to watch this little one grow and change on a daily basis.

I took these flower photographs in July and not having a new blog site up and running at the time, they’ve been ‘on hold’ until now.   Looking at them, I am amazed at the colours and variety of flowers for July.  Just goes to show, what an unusually warm winter does to nature.  July should be our coldest month when we generally have day after day of frost.  I can count the frosty days on one hand!   Sad actually, global warming is a real threat

Aloe ..

Primula ..

Succulent ..

No idea what this tiny blue is called.   I sprinkled a packet of seeds and this popped up ..

Gazania ..

Most unusual to see a hibiscus flower in winter ..

More primulas ..

Osterospermum …

Hebe ..

Camelia …

Virginia Stocks ..

Last blooms of ‘Brilliant’ Iceberg …

Geranium ..


Viola ..

Prunus …

And then there are the green shades of fresh new leaves

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