My weekend in the Cape

My weekend in the Cape

I flew down to Somerset West over the weekend for some very special family time, staying with my brother Ian and family.  I just love their garden.  Years ago they decided to take out all the lawn and most flower beds, replacing the area with granite chips, pebbles and stones and only leaving the perimeter with shrubs, trees and creepers.   It looked so bare in those days with the fountain plonked in the centre.   After a few years it was decided to add a lavender lined path surrounding the very lonely looking water feature with a few grasses within the path.

This is the result years later.  You would never believe there is a terrible drought in this region where there are stringent water restrictions.  The water feature is silent but everything else is amazingly alive.  There is abundant birdlife including a family of Frankolins as well as squirrels scurrying down from the neighbouring oak tree …

It’s heavenly walking along the lavender path …

And to top it all, there is the view !!!  I never tire of this panoramic ‘picture’ from their deck overlooking The Strand and Gordon’s Bay

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