A gaggle of geese

A gaggle of geese

Driving to Idiom Wines in Sir Lowry’s Pass, Somerset West we passed a sign for “Farm Feeds” and a little further up the road another sign which read ‘ just a little further’, which I thought was quite sweet.   Thinking it was a kiddies feeding and petting farm and I thought that I must tell Elaine to bring Emma here when she’s older.  (It seems I did a lot of thinking while Daniella drove through farmlands and vineyards beyond Sir Lowry’s Pass Village.)   Only when I Googled it, did I read it is an animal feeding depot which also sells produce such as ducks, chickens, eggs etc.


Winding our way back from Idiom Wines, we spotted ‘ Farmer Brown ‘  gathering his geese for the evening ..

We then stopped at the sign for more pics ..

A glimpse of the white Cape Dutch farmhouse ..

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