Baby headbands are not only a fashion statement

Baby headbands are not only a fashion statement

This is Emma Rose at 7 weeks.  Our little munchkin will be 10 weeks tomorrow !!!!   I wouldn’t be a devoted granny if I omit sharing some photographs I had taken a couple of weeks ago.  I have been a busy bee!   I have had a brief trip down to the Cape for special family time as well as my normal day to day life which, as a granny and pensioner, should be more restful.  Saying that, I have noticed over the years, (14 to be exact !) more and more grandmas, even granddads, are collecting children from school which indicates there are more working moms

Isn’t she a cutie ?   We are not pretty, frilly headband-on-baby-girls people but a headband for Emma was suggested by Sr Linda at the Baby Wellness Centre to control her  Moro Reflex . … an involuntary startle response caused by loss of support, when a baby feels as if it is falling.  Baby has spent 9 months secure in the comfort of the womb and is now out in the big wide world.  Swaddling helps considerably as well as a band around the head.   Emma was born when our weather was still chilly and wore a beanie, both day and night.

Now that it’s summer the headband replaces the beanie as it rests on the area around the ears which controls balance.  As there is vertigo and motion sickness in our family, it’s a possibility Emma may suffer from these conditions too.  Elaine and Bryan didn’t want to take any chances on a recent flight .. Emma’s first ..  to and from Cape Town last weekend, whereby Emma wore a headband as well as dad gently massaged around her ears on take off and landing.  She proved to be a perfect passenger and slept the whole trip .. there and back !!!!   Was it the headband and/or massaging?  They daren’t not do it again.  There’s nothing worse than a sick baby or child on board or car travel.   I had that .. with two of mine !!

So, the headband is used for grounding.  I have learnt so much accompanying Elaine and Emma to Sr Linda’s weigh-in’s as well baby massage classes at the centre.  The advice is invaluable.  I wished I had known all this when I had my babies.  They survived.  We survived.  They are well adjusted adults and parents.  We must have done something right 😉

On Papa’s shoulder …

Smiling and cooing with Papa …

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