Somerset Stables in Graaff Reinet

Somerset Stables in Graaff Reinet

My last post on Graaff Reinet has to be our fabulous B&B, Somerset Stables,  owned and run by the most charming of hosts, Reinette te Water Naude.

What an interesting woman and fascinating home filled to the brim with personal memorabilia, antiques, art and collectables as well as all sorts of décor bits and pieces

One of the delightful rooms ..

Blue door under the welcome sign leads to two large rooms along a bright yellow passage

Some of the several quirky ceramics dotted about the very pretty garden.  I didn’t ask Reinette, but I’m sure these pieces come from local sellers outside The Owl House at Nieu-Bethesda not far from Graaff Reinet

Reinette was very concerned about the baby ducks and their dysfunctional mommy duck.  Her previous brood of ducklings all died due to mommy duck’s bad motherly instincts.  This time she had eight babies a day or two before we arrived.  Four died.   Reinette was worried about the remaining four ..

On our return from the Valley of Desolation, two more had died with the remaining two taken to the comfort of the warm kitchen (it was freezing that night!)  By morning they too had gone to duckling heaven.  Bad duck for being a poor mommy 🙁

We had a lovely, very comfortable en-suite room in the main house.  Warm as toast in the very comfy huge king size bed, while the temps outside dropped drastically

The bright yellow passage to our room is adorned with personal photographs and several certificates of excellence from Trip Advisor.  Somerset Stables was the winner of the Sanlam Top Destination Awards 2016 for ungraded B&B’s …. very well deserved!!   I love the personal touch at one end of the passage … Reinette’s grandchildren’s  height measurements plus framed art, and wall paintings.  Really cool idea !!!

Personal framed photos including newspaper cuttings, all in Afrikaans, of the engagement of PW Botha (a former Prime Minister of South Africa) to Reinette 20 years ago !!!  I was intrigued as I don’t speak or understand Afrikaans and had to ask her what it was all about.  Fascinating story !!!

A scrumptious  breakfast was made by Mavis and served in the dining room while we chatted with Reinette.  As I said, she’s a delightful woman with so many stories to tell !!!




On the seat of the chair closest to the door is a framed photograph of Reinette’s son receiving the Sanlam Top Destination Award for ungraded B&B’s.   The award is an odd shaped trophy topped with a glass dome

I couldn’t get a decent photo of the wording due to the glass-shaped dome …

How strange is this … I have an old suitcase with the same ” K ” label.  Does anyone know what it stands for?  ..

There are two Nelson Mandela hand prints on another wall …


The Struggle Series …

I drew hands because they are powerful instruments, hands can hurt or heal, punish or uplift.  They can also be bound but a quest for righteousness can never be repressed.  In time, we broke lose the shackles of injustice, we joined hands across social divides and national boundaries, between continents and over oceans and now we look to the future, knowing that even if age makes us wiser guides, it is the youth that reminds us of love, of trust and of the value of life.”

Signed and dated by Nelson Mandela  :   25.7.2001


Stunning stained glass doors which are about 200 years old and, if I remember correctly, belonged to Reinette’s grandfather who farmed in the area.  I beg to be corrected (if Reinette reads my blog 😉 )

Leaving the beautiful Karoo behind, we made our way towards George, then onto Hartenbos and Mossel Bay

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