Railway tracks, natural vegetation and a beach

Railway tracks, natural vegetation and a beach

Our Cape holiday : Oct/Nov 2017

It was a glorious Sunday morning at our friend Ray’s eco-estate home.  We had planned to go out for breakfast but as it was such a lovely day, we decided to go for a walk through the estate to a path which takes one along a railway track, over the dunes and onto the main beach in Hartenbos

A perfect start to the day having a cereal, toast and coffee breakfast on the patio overlooking Ray’s small indigenous garden.  Being an eco-estate the owners are encouraged to keep to indigenous vegetation.  Fantastic idea !!  Walking around the estate I noticed almost all gardens are sticking to the rules.   Some gardens have small pockets of annuals providing added colour.

It was lovely sitting on the patio watching the birds, one of which was this Pintailed Whydah.  He flew from bush to bush, tree to tree and back and forth onto the overhead wire trying to attract the attention of a female which was hopping from branch to branch in a small tree

Through the part of the estate …

Sign of the times .. razor wire and beach access through a security gate ..

Once through the gate, the path reaches a railway line ..

We had to walk along the line for quite a distance before the beach access path continued.  Apparently the line is used occasionally.  I was praying that day wasn’t the day !!!!!    On the second railway sleeper you can see two white arrows.  Not visible in my photo is a distance marker for the beach path.  There are two paths.

Looking ahead …

.. and looking back from where we walked  ..

It was quite a long walk next to the tracks … and very hot !!   We rounded the bend and on we walked ..

Ray chose the first path.   It was too bright for the markings on the sleepers to show in my photo

Ray said the second path comes out onto the beach from the dunes beyond the lagoon.  Pity.  I was hoping to walk on the beach but there was no way I was going to wade through the lagoon !!

On the way back along the path ..

Walking back along the tracks …



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