My stroll around an Eco-estate

My stroll around an Eco-estate

Our Cape holiday :  Oct/Nov 2017   –   Hartenbos, Western Cape

Hubby and I were impressed with the eco-estate (see previous post).  We walked along several roads with Ray, who pointed out the various types of homes .. some still under construction .. and gardens.  I noticed several empty stands too



I went for another stroll on my own in the early evening.  It was so quiet and very pleasant ..

A natural spring in the centre of these reeds attracts many birds and as it was evening time, there were frogs and other noises coming from there !  A sign to beware of snakes put me off exploring further !!

I can understand why Ray and Carol chose this area in the Western Cape to settle.  It’s very peaceful.  It’s just so very sad that Carol is no longer here to enjoy these beautiful surroundings.  She is here in spirit.

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